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Words From the CEO

Hello! I’m a happily married mom of three with a Bachelors in Nursing. I left that career years ago to be a stay at home mom and very grateful for that opportunity. It’s been quite a journey to my real passion but here we are! I launched Fybencia Inc. in 2019. I'm also the co-CEO of Edith's Sewing, Inc. which provides custom cut, printing and sewing needs to customers worldwide! 

Fybencia is my middle name which I always felt was unique and beautiful. I started out as “Fyecurls” on social media several years ago and built that brand for years until I realized I had a passion for more than just hair! I wanted to inspire through my creations!! Headwear and accessories ... even purses and clothes. Initially, it started with my mom helping me sew samples of my headwear ideas - simply because I couldn’t find them anywhere. I had a real awakening when I saw two of my ideas for sale by someone else a couple years later and knew that I wasn’t living up to my potential. My parents are both super creative! My mom and grandma Rutha Mae, made all their own sophisticated clothes for themselves, family, and neighbors! So creativity is in my DNA!

My purpose is not only to create useful, unique, beautiful items, but to use my platform to uplift and encourage others to follow their passion as well. It took me years of praying to understand my purpose, but I didn’t give up. We all have a powerful queen or king inside of us. Seek it! Be it! I believe that you will stand a little taller and prouder when you wear Fybencia. After all, we are all royalty! 


Carla Fye

Our Mission

Fybencia Inc.’s mission is to make everyone feel like royalty. We want our products and brand to enhance the journey to pursuing your passion, leading to a life of positivity and purpose. Our apparel is handmade in the USA, in house! Our experienced, hardworking team takes pride in only producing  the highest quality products!